Replace Missing Teeth With a  Dental Bridge

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge closes the gap resulted from one or more missing teeth. The tooth bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap.

The false tooth, called a pontic, can be made of metal alloys, porcelain or a mix of these materials and are supported by natural teeth or dental implants. Our Thornhill dentists are experienced in placing a tooth bridge.

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Benefits of a Dental Bridge

It is important to place a tooth bridge as soon as possible because of these advantages:

Maintains facial structure

Teeth play a big part in maintaining the shape of a patient’s face. So when a tooth is missing, the gum, jaw and cheek can cave in slightly. This can make people look older faster. But dental bridge helps people maintain the the structure of their face and slow the aging process.

Restores your smile

When people having noticeably missing teeth, it affects their confidence and can feel self-conscious every day. They can’t fully express their smile and emotion when they interact with their friends, colleagues or family. But a tooth bridge can restore their appearance so they can live confidently.

Keeps your teeth in place

Teeth mostly hold each other in place because of the strength of their root structure and hardness of the enamel. But when a tooth is removed, the gap can cause other teeth to shift out of place. A dental bridge can prevent this shifting.

Improves your bite

When a tooth is missing, it affects how the upper and lower teeth come together when the mouth is closed. This can result in a sore jaw, misaligned jaw or crooked teeth over time. Placing a dental bridge restores your bite pattern and provides equal support around your mouth.

Maintain the ability to chew and speak properly

The gap from missing teeth can make it hard to chew foods and speak properly. A tooth bridge can maintain your ability to eat and interact with other people normally.

North York in Dentist
North York in Dentist

Types of Dental Bridges

The most appropriate type of dental bridge depends on whether the bridge needs to be done in the front or in the back of the mouth. Our Thornhill dentist will do a thorough examination and make a recommendation. The dental bridge cost varies depending on your case and the type of bridge that will be made for you.

Full mouth reconstruction

Traditional bridge

This is the most common type of tooth bridge that replaces one or two missing teeth. The replacement teeth are supported by placing crowns on either side of the space.

Cantilever bridge

Cantilever bridge

This tooth bridge is used when there are adjacent teeth on only one side of the missing tooth. This bridge is not used for the back of the mouth where too much force can be placed on the bridge.

Maryland bonded bridge

Maryland bonded bridge

This tooth bridge uses the strength of the two adjacent teeth, and they don’t need to be covered with the crowns the way a traditional a bridge would require. This dental bridge cost is also a less expensive option and could be used only for front teeth but may not last as long as a traditional bridge.

Implant-supported bridge

Implant-supported bridge

Dental implants are used to support the tooth bridge. This is considered to be more predictable and longer lasting than a traditional bridge. It usually requires placing the implants into the jawbone.

Dental Bridge Cost

There are several things that can affect the dental bridge cost including:

  • The type of tooth bridge you select
  • The number of teeth needed to fill the gap
  • The materials used for the fake teeth are porcelain or noble metal
  • The complexity of the placement
  • Additional treatments for supporting teeth

Here are some dental bridge cost estimates:

  • A traditional or cantilever bridge is between $1,500 to $5,000
  • Maryland bridges usually cost $1,500 to $2,500
  • An implant-supported bridge could cost $4,000 to $15,000

Give the many benefits a bridge provides, the dental bridge cost is a short term investment for a long lasting smile, youthful appearance and essential confidence.

Dental Bridge Cost

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