Snap-On Smile is an Affordable Smile Makeover

“It has literally changed my life.”

“Since having Snap-On Smile, I am not afraid to just talk to a total stranger. It makes me feel really good and confident.”

“You can go out into a crowd and be able to be yourself and not be self-conscious about not having your teeth.”

This is just a few of the thousands of people around the world who have experienced Snap-On Smile’s amazing benefits. You are just two visits away from a bright and enhanced look!

Snap-On Smile is an easy, painless and affordable way to improve your smile while boosting your confidence. It is a removable appliance made of a thin and strong dental resin that fits, or “snaps”, right over your upper and lower teeth. You can get a smile makeover without spending thousands of dollars for more expensive procedures like dental implants.

Snap-On Smile Thornhill

In fact, Snap-On Smile was invented by a dentist for people who couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money getting extensive procedures done. But now, almost anyone can get a Hollywood-like smile.

The Key Benefits

People of all ages around the world love Snap-On Smile because:

  • It covers their uneven, missing or crooked teeth
  • They can easily eat and drink while wearing it
  • It can last up to 5 years with proper care before replacing it
  • They can improve their appearance if they are not eligible for bridges or implants
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is completely reversible and removable anytime
Snap-On Smile

Many people hold back their smile and don’t fully express themselves because their teeth don’t look the way they want. But when they put on Snap-On Smile, they can live normally every day and connect with their friends, be fully engaged with their family, present confidently at work meetings and feel comfortable meeting new people.

The beauty of the process of getting a Snap-On Smile is that it is simple and non-invasive. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting any complicated dental work, surgery, drilling, adhesives or whitening chemicals.

Many of our patients are surprised how easy the process is and have referred their friends and family to see us.

Easily Snap and Snap off

One of the reasons people love their Snap-On Smile is because it is so easy to remove whenever they need to clean their natural teeth or do something active like play soccer. You will need to remove them whenever you sleep.
It can be used as a temporary or long term solution. If someone is going to a wedding, out with friends, to a job interview or an important event, they can quickly put on their Snap-On Smile.
More involved procedures like dental implants and bridges take more time and money. But these treatments are more permanent solutions that many people ultimately want in the long term. While people work to save up for these extensive treatments, they can use Snap-On Smile for whiter and brighter smile.

How Do I Get a Snap-On Smile?

During your first visit, our dentist will examine your teeth and let you know if you are a candidate for Snap-On Smile for your upper or lower arch. It is suitable for almost anyone and you don’t have to have any special circumstances to qualify for it unlike other procedures.
Snap-On Smile comes in a variety of different shades and styles. You can choose the one that looks best on you and the most natural. Afterwards, our dentist will make an impression of your teeth that are sent to a studio.
It takes a few weeks to get your custom-made smile for fitting. When your Snap-On Smile is ready, the dentist will set up an appointment with you and make minor adjustments if it is needed.
In addition to showing you how to pop your smile in and out, how to take care of it, you will be given a cleaning solution during final appointment.

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