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Your teeth are necessary for biting, chewing, and grinding food. Wisdom teeth are usually the last set of molars to develop and are tasked with doing most of the grinding and chewing.

However, wisdom teeth can decay or misalign, negatively affecting your dentition. Many times, wisdom teeth grow abnormally, causing various dental problems. In this situation, information regarding the cost to remove wisdom teeth becomes important.

The cost of removing wisdom teeth varies depending on many different factors. We’ll explore these influencing factors and highlight the estimated costs for wisdom teeth removal.

At the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of how much to budget for a wisdom teeth removal procedure in Ontario.

Why You Should Remove Problematic Wisdom Teeth

Typically, wisdom teeth grow and mature around ages 16 to 25. But their late development may mean there isn’t enough space when the time comes. Hence, growing wisdom teeth can push against the rest of your dentition and cause severe damage.

Early detection will save you costs on how much you need to remove wisdom teeth. However, if you delay removing the wisdom teeth, you can experience the following issues.

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Bacterial infection

problematic wisdom teeth

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

The cost of removing wisdom teeth depends on the damage level and procedural complexity. Simple wisdom tooth extractions can be done for as low as $99 per tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth might cost anything from $230 to $340 or even more.

However, the process is different for wisdom teeth stuck beneath your gum. This kind of wisdom teeth removal can cost about $600 per tooth. Since the wisdom teeth are under your gum, dental treatment will require a more complex approach.

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Procedures for Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are two main processes for removing wisdom teeth. There’s the soft tissue removal and the bony tissue removal. The cost to remove wisdom teeth varies depending on which of these two processes takes place.

Soft Tissue Removal

The removal process is less expensive if the wisdom tooth breaches the gum line and is visible. The procedure is also less invasive and less time-consuming.

The average cost of wisdom teeth removal for this process is $200 to $400 per tooth. In some cases, you may not need a sedative for the procedure. Overall, the removal process can take less than 30 minutes.

Bony Tissue Removal

Bony tissue removal is a more complex procedure. In this case, the wisdom tooth is still under the gum, lying in an awkward position. This procedure is more time-consuming and invasive. The dentist must cut open the gum to extract the rogue wisdom tooth.

Removing the wisdom tooth can range from $500 to $800. The process can also take between one to two hours. Usually, the dentist will apply a sedative for the operation.

bony tissue removal

What is the Cost of Removing All Wisdom Teeth?

Sometimes, a single wisdom tooth may not be the only rogue one. For example, all four wisdom teeth can be misaligned and disruptive. In this case, the costs for the wisdom teeth procedure will be significantly higher.

Nevertheless, you can still save costs where necessary. You can employ an all-inclusive pricing system rather than a per tooth pricing system. The average cost of removing each tooth can cost $800. The combined cost of each wisdom tooth will be more expensive.

At first glance, the price range for a wisdom teeth removal procedure in Ontario is $600-$2000. If the process is a simple wisdom teeth extraction, expect to pay from $600 to $1200. On the other hand, if the removal process is a surgical one, you’ll pay within $1200 to $2000.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

These factors influence the cost you’ll pay to remove wisdom teeth at a dentist near you.

Dental Insurance

Due to the relative frequency of wisdom teeth removal, the average dental plan will cover over 80% of the costs. Therefore, it’s essential to be up to date on your dental insurance payment.

A problematic wisdom tooth might not show signs early. But you don’t want to be caught off guard when it does. Renew your dental plan frequently, and insurance will pay for future wisdom teeth treatments.

Level of Damage

It’s always best to visit a dentist once you notice a rogue wisdom tooth. Ignoring wisdom tooth issues can cause dental problems leading to increased expenses during future treatments.

For example, a delayed wisdom tooth extraction can snowball into worse tooth diseases like pericoronitis. If this happens, the cost of removing wisdom teeth will skyrocket. Hence, you’ll find yourself paying for more than just wisdom teeth removal.


Several dentists in Ontario offer wisdom teeth removal, so you’re spoilt for choice. Do a basic search for dentists in your area and pay them an early visit to know their rates.

Quality of Service

Aside from the location, ensure you visit a well-recommended dentist. Wisdom teeth removal may be a generic procedure, but you want the best service. Settling for random wisdom teeth removal simply because it’s cheap may lead to botched treatments with severe consequences.

It doesn’t matter how much the cost to remove the wisdom teeth is. Ensure to get quality service and avoid complications. You can choose a dentist through referrals or by speaking with people that have done the procedure.

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quality of service

Here’s How Much It Costs to Remove Wisdom Teeth

The cost to remove wisdom teeth may be as low as $200 in situations where the tooth is above the gum and causing fewer complications. However, complications like infections and the tooth growing beneath the gum can increase pricing.

The cost of removing a problematic wisdom tooth is worth it due to the severe nature of possible complications arising from ignored wisdom teeth issues. Just ensure you’re getting excellent value for money by choosing a dentist with a track record for healthy results.

Like we have here at Thornhill Dental. We’re home to highly experienced dentists with access to top-standard dental equipment. More than that, we also offer a calm, safe environment.

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